About the Book

Once a hotshot bond trader, Rooster Michaels is now broke and desperate. His hard-drinking ways have left him scrambling for cash and self-respect in small-town Tennessee. When his latest money-making scheme backfires, Rooster is presented with an unexpected opportunity to turn his life around, until the sins of his past come seeking retribution. Rooster wrestles personal demons and a cast of outrageous characters in his touching, and sometimes hilarious, search for redemption.

Reader Reviews

So proud of a Cheektowaga home grown finding success. I can't imagine the leaps you took to write and publish this inspiring book!

Alison Schoenthaler

Great character development and an interest story. Definitely not a formula novel. Want to see more from this author.

Leslie Edwards

What a fun read with plenty of quirky characters that keep you turning the pages to see “what’s next?”! Most everyone faces seasons in their life when everything seems to be going wrong and Rooster is deep in the middle of that season in his. You will feel like laughing, shaking your head, and rejoicing through this story of redemption!
I loved the way all of the characters were connected, however oddly, to the the main character and played a part in the outcome of his fate whether he knew it or not. I could imagine people I know in some of those roles and found it a great story I could relate to.

C. Jones